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Jason Bulmahn

Help me defend the GAUNTLET!
We won last year, thanks in large part to the support of all of our friends and fans, but now we need to defend our title. I can't do it without your help and I am more than willing to reward you for supporting my team.

If I raise $500 - I will release a PDF of my 2015 Paizocon event "Paizocon Apocalypse", a game of zombie horror using the End of the World game engine from FFG.

If I raise $1,000 - I will release a PDF of my 2015 Paizocon event "Minion", a 4 hour Pathfinder scenario in which the PCs are the monstrous minions of an insane lich!

Both of these PDF goals will be released for FREE to Everyone. So, even if you can't contribute much, help me spread the word and you can score some free stuff!

I’m excited to help raise money for Hopelink, a local charity supporting low-income families and the homeless on their way to self-sufficiency.  ENGAGE - Card Kingdom and Mox Boarding House’s charitable giving program, is hosting a table top gaming tournament and fundraiser called The Gauntlet: Moxtropolis on May 16th! Help me support this amazing charity, and earn valuable "Power-Ups" during the tournament,  by donating to my campaign.  Just click the "Make a Donation" button to the right to get started!

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